Plane Crash

On January 19, 1946, a Royal Canadian Air Force DC- 3 (Dakota) aircraft with seven crew men on board was reported missing on its flight from Comox, B.C. to Greenwood Nova Scotia. Search efforts for the twin engine transport plane, last seen near Cranbrook, B.C. were hampered by bad weather. Five days after the flights disappearance, Crowsnest Pass Forest Rangers made their way on snowshoes to the crash site near North York Creek, guided by smoke from the still smoldering wreckage.


Head south from the York Creek Staging area, turn west at junction 46, there are some steeper parts when you get close to the crash site, but it's only a 300m hike from the steep spot.  There are also a couple of places about 1/2 way along where the trail gets a bit steep, but if you gear down to 4x4 low you'll be able to crawl up. The aircraft is a Douglas DC-3 (Dakota) that crashed in January 1946 killing all seven crewmen. This site of a tragedy should be treated with respect.  Please park quads at a distance from the plane wreckage and walk to it.  Also, do not attempt to ride into the steep slopes above the wreckage.  When the trail is blocked with snow in the spring, please park and hike to the crash site rather than damaging alpine vegetation.


  • Length : 9.14km
  • Positive Z : 499.86m
  • Negative Z : -27.74m
  • Z min : 1419.06m
  • Z max : 1902.10m

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