Ghost Airstrip Staging Area and Group Campsite

This is a fenced ~20 acre parcel of land on the west side of the Hwy#40 FTR, just north of the gravel pit and before Waiparous Valley Road.  This area is available for group rental from Red Rock Sawmills and is often booked a few time in the year by the CQS.  Rates are $150/nite for the first 10 units, then $15/nite for each subsequent unit.   It is a random camping area with a few group fire-pits, cook shelter, camp kitchen with center fire-pit, water pump, outhouses, loading ramps and trash receptacles.  It accommodates 30+ units comfortably.


This can NOT be used as a OHV staging area unless you have rented the Airstrip.  Use the Wiaparous Valley Road or other OHV staging areas as detailed on the SRD Ghost FLUZ map.  Only one legal trail exits the airstrip at WP#117 through the padlocked green gates to the northern end of the airstrip.  It is illegal to ride through the gravel pit to access WP#96 and the west trails, but the CQS obtains special permission from AB Transportation for specific event dates.

Novice or intermediate riders should NOT attempt the trail from WP#117 to WP#115 as the inclines are nasty.  Trails heading south along Waiparous Creek are mild to moderate and a ride to WP#65/67 is enjoyable.  Trail from WP#99 to #101 has very steep inclines also.  Heading west at #109 takes you to Cow Lake.

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