Castle Parks Update

We have so many great ideas coming forth on what we should do.  I would like to hold a meeting at our office on Thursday at 10:00 AM January 26/17 to discuss this, everyone and their dog is welcome.  I realize some of you cannot make it but all that can would be appreciated.  We had close to 16,000 hits on our face book page as of this morning on the town hall meeting, the media will be coming to the town hall meeting.  Our MP John Barlow is trying to reschedule items so he can also attend.  Whomever can make, great.  Thanks, Gary 

According to  the MLA  Joe, Daryl and Gary met with on Monday, he said that everyone that writes a personal letter to the Minister, by law, the Minister must respond to.  Tell everyone to do the same.  It cannot be a form letter that people sign but a personal letter.

ink for the Castle Park Management Plan to all members.

Link to the draft (PDF)

also the link for the online survey